alt="Luke Tangerine - Urban Echoes (2024, unsigned) COVER"

Luke Tangerine – Urban Echoes

EP | 01/03/2024 | Independent
14:15 | 4 tracks | Digital
Synthwave / Art Pop
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Big City Dreams

For Luke Tangerine, the new year began with some successful collaborations. Releases with Matthew Mirliani, Carlos Ucedda, and Modal Split provided with a high tide of Retrowave sounds. With Urban Echoes, the multiinstrumentalist has released the first solo EP of the year, and he has moved towards slightly differents musical paths.

Urban Echoes is a beautiful declaration of love to urban city life. Luke Tangerine praises the monumentuous buildings made from metal and concrete, pays tribute to the unique atmosphere of subway or metro spheres. And he concerns the bitter sweet cocktail that is made from neon lights, passion, wanderlust, and liberty. This honest and precise musical score of big city life is presented in a fluent transition from Prog Rock influences to Jazz tunes served on a Synthwave plate with an artistic rhythm section.
7/10 Mangoes

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Mia Schem

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