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Fellow time travellers, please fasten your seatbelts and put on your hippest sunglasses. Fancy shirts and drinks are optional. Your captain Ross is about steer the time travelling vessel Magenta Dusk back to the 1980s. The producer and songwriter from Nottingham has started his missions to the golden era of Dream Pop and Synthwave in 2021 by releasing the single Give it up, and currently he is about to publish the first Magenta Dusk EP Last Light in early 2024. His latest single Time is a sonic journey back to the future in multiple ways. Not only does the soundscape remind of 1980s‘ Synth Pop, the time travel is also part of the lyrical and connotated content. Time deals with the high velocity of life in our postmodern days, and with the desire for time to stop or even go backwards sometimes. The more people look for happiness in the past, the harder it becomes for them to accept present and future. Let us therefore embrace the achievements of the past and work on a brighter future.

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