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In today’s spotlight feature, there is a love song. And it is indeed a story about love. Nevertheless, it is one of those rather complicated sides to love which is shown in Stone in my Heart by Neo & Neo. The song’s protagonist is experiencing an inner conflict that is about to tear them apart. One the one hand there is their long-time love, a guarantor for emotional and amorous security. But on the other hand, the beauty of a third person triggers temptation and confusion. And thus, the protagonist is caught in the middle between those two forces, with a heavy stone in their heart. The tale that emerges from this situation is a bittersweet Folk song that goes straight to the soul.

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Recorded during a live session at Hardstudios Winterthur
Written by Dominik Robin
Produced & Co-Written by Philipp Bäni and Stefan Huber
Dominik Robin – grand Piano and vocals
Martin Fischer – drums
Georg Dillier – bass
Raphael Schneider – guitar
Philipp Bäni – vocals
Chief man of sound – Stefan Huber
Mastering – Dan Suter
Special thanks to Daniel Rabenstein and Moritz Wetter
Video – Nico Schmied

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