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Above and Beyond Punk

News! News! News! Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to Shaz Jamieson (keyboards and vocals), Lorna Kelly (drum machine and bass), and Kat Messer (synthesizers) may be based in Edinburgh, Scotland. But besides their domiciles on planet Earth, the trio inhabits whole spheres of space and time. With their legs and hearts […]

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New releases: August 26, 2023

Four new releases Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to FAERYS – Nova Scotia 25/08/2023 | IndependentSingle | DigitalDark Rock / Alternative RockAntarctica (maybe) Whether or whether not the band FAERYS is really located on the Southernmost continent of Planet Earth may or may not be revealed one day. Fact is, that […]

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New releases: April 09, 2023

Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to Exdestrier – Glorious Barbarism EP | 07/04/2023 | IndependentProgressive Blackened SludgeEdinburgh, Scotland On their debut EP, Scottish trio Exdestrier tell the tale of a war long ago which took place in a fantastic universe ruled by cruel warriors and heavy darkness. For half an hour, […]

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SALt – Fairytale on Fire (Bonus Track Edition)

This coverage was created via Musosoup #Sustainablecurator – a contribution was made by the artists to help sustain website costs.Click here and run your own campaign on MusoSoup SALt – Fairytale on FireRelease Date (Digital Version): December 3, 2022Release Date (Vinyl Version): May 13, 2022Label: Sunnyleith HXFormat: Album | Vinyl/DigitalDuration (Digital Version): 55:43 | 15 tracksDuration (Vinyl Version): […]

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