alt="Luke Tangerine - Abandoned Cyberworld (2023, unsigned) COVER"

Digital Ghost Town

Supported by Musosoup #SustainableCurator The anticipation for Luke Tangerine’s upcoming album in 2024 has just reached a new peak when the artist from Frankfurt am Main presented the single on hand Abandoned Cyberworld. Dystopian and yet absolutely beautiful is the sonic landscape that the listeners can explore within these three minutes. In a futuristic scenario, Luke […]

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alt="ZweiLaster - Scheiblettenkäse & Sehnsucht (2023, tomatenplatten) COVER"

Honest and Beautiful Silliness

Not too long ago, it was on October 22, 2022, Stuttgart’s ZweiLaster released their sophomore longplayer Scheiblettenkäse & Sehnsucht via sternengruppe / Butzen Records. It is a sixteen-track collection of Minimal Punk tracks that deal with the tristesse of late capitalism. Thus, the album fits its name ideally with Sehnsucht being the German word for […]

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alt="Labasheeda - Blueprints (2023, Presto Chango Records) COVER"

Sensual Evolvement

Supported by Musosoup #SustainableCurator Amsterdam’s Labasheeda look back on almost two decades of band history. In their twentieth active year, the Dutch trio has released a new album which proves that Labasheeda are both, talented and very experienced. The sound of the eleven-track album is coined by an immeasurable freedom from stylistic or conventional chains. Freely […]

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alt="Luke Tangerine & Carlos Ucedda - I adore you (2023, unsigned) COVER"

From the Alhambra to Mainhattan

Supported by Musosoup #SustainableCurator This single release from November 16, 2023 is more than just a collaboration between two musicians. It is a loveful embrace of two souls that crosses borders in manifold ways. Luke Tangerine from German metropolis Frankfurt am Main shakes hands with Carlos Ucedda from Andalusian city Granada. It is furthermore a joyful […]

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The Year 2023 | Part 1

The greatest album releases of 2023 | Part 1 Tuulikki Bartosik – Playscapes January 21 | Efni RecordsAmbient / FolkStockholm, SwedenReview Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils – Grace’s Cradle February 10 | Not SaintsKlezmer / Gypsy Punk / Alternative RockBrighton, EnglandReview Sound of Smoke – Phases February 24 | Tonzonen RecordsPsychedelic Rock / SoulFreiburg […]

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The Ups and Downs of a Rocky Road

Supported by Musosoup #SustainableCurator Jasmin Toubi and her band Shedonist have relocated from Los Angeles, CA to Nashville, TN, and they are here with a banger of a new Grunge song. Ask me why is a sonic undulation that goes back and forth between doldrums and spring tide. Without neglecting the melodic theme, Shedonist address the […]

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