Frank Zozky and Kurkox ensure Movement

Happy Easter, Chag Pesach Sameach, or Happy Weekend! Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to Frank Zozky feat. Kurkox – Do It March 24, 2023 Independent Single | Digital 02:11 Dance Rock New York City, NY, USA NY-based emerging artist Frank Zozky has delivered a simple yet infectious dance-rock track that is […]

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Frank Zozky Artist Picture

Dance and Techno for Dreamers: Frank Zozky

With Frank Zozky it is hard to choose where to begin. Bronx-based producer, Frank has everything that is associated with that title: Spector-like caveman hairstyle, unquenchable thirst for creation, and zero dedication to one genre or style. Frank Zozky popped up on Soundcloud five years ago and started releasing and coproducing tons of music. With […]

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