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With Frank Zozky it is hard to choose where to begin. Bronx-based producer, Frank has everything that is associated with that title: Spector-like caveman hairstyle, unquenchable thirst for creation, and zero dedication to one genre or style.

Frank Zozky popped up on Soundcloud five years ago and started releasing and coproducing tons of music. With an interesting trait – he does everything, from alternative metal to House and Techno. It seems like he is more into the process rather than the result. His works are usually built around one or two catchy melodies and don’t go too deep meaning-wise, but remain a great demonstration of producer skill.

And that actually amassed a dedicated fanbase. Frank has 3.5k listeners on Spotify including me. Because today I will be diving into the wonderful world of Frank Zozky and his barrage of singles.

Dreamin is the quintessence of pop stock music for ads or such, straightforward dance tune that goes on slightly more than a minute. ‚Getaway‘ caught me off guard (I didn’t know Mr. Zozky’s method then) with its Pop-Punk/Grunge tone and repeating refrain – also just above one minute mark. ‚Poom Pow‘ is a textbook example of writing a song on one hook, with all the modern attributes like autotune and clean-cut keys. ‚Um Techno‘ also sounds like a demo from your Casio plus some quality postproduction. Both of those tracks are almost three minutes long which is something different. ‚Win (You’re a Winner)‘ goes on with an exploration of classic Electronica with its simplistic take on Breakbeat, and ‚Wanna‘ is actually even more Techno than Techno from ‚Um Techno‘. ‚The Heights‘ is just a friendly-sounding dance hymn that would go perfectly as a preset tune in video editing software.

That’s Frank Zozky – a man, a machine, a niche-occupying producer. I’d say keep your eye on him before he is hired by a big company.

Text by Dmitriy Churilov

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