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FiveSidedDice – Letters to the Devil

March 31, 2023FiveSidedRecords
EP | Digital17:55 | 6 tracks
Alternative Rock / CrossoverGqberha (Port Elizabeth), South Africa

Dear Devil…

Whenever Gqberha’s Roscoe Nefdt, also known as FiveSidedDice, provides the world with a new release, best advice is to expect the unexpected. Sure, one can narrow down the assumptions to Punk Rock, Ska, Altenative Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Nu Metal and a few more genres that Roscoe Nefdt is well acquainted with. But a better way to approach a new FiveSidedDice release is the joyful thrill of opening a present not knowing what is inside.

The latest FiveSidedDice release is the six-track EP Letters to the Devil. It is a loose collection of little tales that deal with loneliness, isolation and uncertainty in our fast-moving, digital modern society. Not only is Letters to the Devil the first release by FiveSidedDice that was released in the United Kingdom, it is furthermore the darkest output by the project so far.

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Six Letters

The opening track, Corrupting Souls for a Living, is an energetic Pop Punk and Alternative Rock anthem sang from the point of view of an anti-hero. As the song’s protagonist has already accepted that they will go to hell one day, they wrap this realization up in a danceable Punk tune in the vein of Rancid or Zebrahead. The narrative continues while it gets darker, both thematically and musically. The Nu Metal and Rapcore banger Hellbound describes the protagonist’s way further towards violence and alienation.

Thus, the next step is isolation which is realised in the powerful Skacore hymn Icy Liars that is adapted to the Pachelbel canon in d – Classic meets Crack Rocksteady. With Something to take me away, a heartful Alternative Rock anthem for the broken hearts with a certain Gotye vibe comes up next. With heartbreak come memories of better times which are uttered in the acoustic Pop ballad She lays awake. And if you think, FiveSidedDice has exhausted all styles that can fit onto this one EP, Letters to the Devil’s final track will prove you wrong. Alongside Standard Jack’s Gary Gossman, Roscoe Nefdt presents a deeply sad and yet thrilling Blues song. Muse is about an artist who has lost their inspiration and thus falls into frustration.

FiveSidedDice’s new EP brings great musical entertainment and thereby addresses serious issues in a catchy and comprehensible way. Roscoe Nefdt did it again, and we can all be glad about this emotional and yet powerful musical presentation.
8/10 Mangoes

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