It has not begun with Punk Rock that people uttered sentences such as „Fuck Nazis“, „Fuck the War“, or simply „Fuck off“. Neither has it begun with Run D.M.C.-styled shirts that buttons, stickers, etc saying „Fuck this“, „Fuck that“ have been all around. But since an understanding of an intersectional fight against oppression, hate and discrimination is finally growing, maybe we should re-think these phrases.

Cupboard door in the MangoWave headquarters with several stickers from bands, but also one saying „FCK NZS“ and one saying „FCK BDS“


This is not about a ban on swear words, and this is most certainly not about free speech. It is about sensitivity and safe spaces. For starters, let us begin with the phrase „Fuck Nazis“. Re-read that exclamation aloud and ask yourself, is that what you want?

Now that the first step is done, let us dig deeper. What other things do we encounter with the four-letter slur? You can say „Fuck Fascism“, „Fuck Patriarchy“, „Fuck Sexism“, „Fuck Rape Culture“, …. and this where we should stop at the latest. How do we oppose patriarch, misogynist, sexist structures if we reproduce the rape culture’s language?

Sticker saying „FGHT NZS – Don’t Fuck Them. Stop Reproducing Sexual Violence“.
Source: on Instagram

Let’s FGHT!

Whether if it is in our favourite bar of café, in our local music venue, on the streets, or in the parliaments – fascism cannot be overcome if sexism, transphobia, antisemitism, capitalism, patriarchy keep being tolerated. And as one out of many aspects of this struggle for a better future, we should finally abandon the rape culture’s lingua. Therefore, let us fight patriarchy instead of claiming to fuck it.

FGHT NZS badge by

Still have plenty of stickers, badges, etc saying „FCK UKIP/AfD/BDS/SXSM/…“? Well, so do I. And I will probably not paste over them immediately. Let us nevertheless raise the awareness that sexual violence is real, and that we can do better than reproducing verbal features of rape culture. And let us henceforth be more empathetic and express what we really want to do. We want to fight oppression. Let your next sticker thus be one that says „FGHT PTRCHY“ or „FGHT SXSM“ or why not „Fight War, not Wars“ as Steve Ignorant said?

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The cover photo was taken at a concert by More Kicks and Sgt. Alfalfa the Immerhin Würzburg on October 21, 2022. Click here to see more pictures from this event.

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