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Leon Frear – Secret Second Moon

Single | 22/12/2023 | Independent
Sad Bastard Vocabulary Rock
Chicago, IL, USA

From the upcoming album Wild Rice (02/02/2024)

Photo by Jeremy Glickstein

A Decade-Long Recovery

Leon Frear has a story tell, and it is a story that could not be more personal. The artist has written, composed and recorded ten tracks on which he reflects on a period of ten years. Contents are his relocation to his current base in Chicago, Illinois, and the long process of healing and recovering.

The single Secret Second Moon is the first pre-taste of this journey on which Leon Frear flees from himself in order to reattach to himself again. It is a blind dive into the masses of anonymity which leads into confident swimming in the waters of empathy and selfcare. Thus tale will soon be available under the name of Wild Rice.

Leon Frear’s Sad Bastard Vocabulary Rock is an eloquent and skillful combination of Post Punk, Indie Rock and Rock’n’Roll, the love child of Pennan Brae, Mäkkelä and Nick Cave if you want. Leon Frear confronts his listeners with honest darkness, uplifting movement and a passion for staying alive.

Photo by Jeremy Glickstein

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