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Zine Death Metal

Zine Death Metal is a print magazine from Brazil edited by Andrêy Ferraz which deals with the musical genres Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Grindcore and more. Since 2008, interviews and articles about great bands around the globe can be read in Portugues and English.

For your Collection

Currently, six issues of Zine Death Metal are still available. Those who are interested in adding this great print magazine to their collection can use the links in the header section to contact the editor. Here are the issues that can be ordered:


Losna (Brazil)
Conquer by Supremacy (Canada)
Bovary (France)
1/2 Southern North (Greece)
Black Palace (Mexico)
Khaotic (Brazil)
Angor Animi (Italy)
Santa Muerte (Brazil)
Belita Adair (USA)
Coldnight (Colombia)
Lamia Culta (Ukraine)
Labei Ritual (Mexico)
Mordrean (Brazil/Germany)
Gallhammer (Japan)


Lividity (USA)
Sarcastic (Brazil)
Soul Devourment (USA)
Scornforger (France)
Sonneillon (Portugal)
Draconian Oracle (USA)
Legion of Wolves (Ireland)
Gorgon (France)


Tides of Leviathan (Russia)
Tenebrae Mortuorum (Brazil)
Mixomatosis (Spain)
Veneficum Ignis (Brazil)
Bohemyst (Czechia)
Psicorragia (Peru)
Veumor (Brazil)
Arbach (Brazil)
Voroth (Russia)


Flamangel (Bolivia)
Vulthum (Brazil)
Gnosis (USA)
Ahzidal (USA)
Aeonus (Russia)
Ignis Haereticum (Colombia)
Strunkiin (Finland)
Funeral Storm (Greece)
Seol (Guatemala)


Ruadh (Scotland)
Goat Worship (Brazil)
Apocalypse (Italy)
Windfaerer (USA)
Bloodshed Walhalla (Italy)
Born For Burning (Sweden)
Lóstregos (Spain)
Quorthon (Sweden)


Primordial Serpent (Canada)
Azath (USA)
Mazikeen (Australia)
Grob (Slovenia)
Dogma Omega (Germany)
Nocturnes Mist (Australia)
Helllight (Brazil)
Ancestral Cântico (Brazil)
The Taciturn (Brazil)
Embrional (Poland)

All pictures by courtesy of Andrêy Ferraz / Zine Death Metal

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