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LaShaunMariek – Unemployed Recession, Vol. 1

EP | 17/02/2024 | Independent
12:20 | 5 tracks | Digital
Rap / Hip Hop
Marion, SC, USA

Lean production, maximum effect

If you have not heard from LaShaunMariek before, it is about time because the talented artist from South Carolina has the potential to turn the rap game upside down and inside out. LaShaunMariek produces music like an assembly line, but instead of putting quantity over quality, LaShaunMariek has mastered the means of lean production instead. Wherever minimalism makes sense, it gets used. Just look at the cover artwork for the EP Unemployed Recession, Vol. 1 which is basically a screenshot. But when it comes to lyrics, performance and production, LaShaunMariek goes all in.

The EP on hand is a greta example for the huge variety of styles, ideas, and motifs that LaShaunMariek’s music contains. Unemployed Recession, Vol. 1 features only five tracks, it is nevertheless a colourful bouquet of the best of half a century of Rap and Hip Hop music. LaShaunMariek does nor care for pigeon-holes or categorisations, and plows through the barriers of different styles instead. Hip Hop purists may hate this until they realise the genius of LaShaunMariek’s music. This is the revolutionary aspect that Rap music needs nowadays!
7/10 Mangoes

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