alt="Mira Ceti - Himest Mesi (2023, unsigned) COVER"Artwork by Zelie Doffemont

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Mira Ceti – Himest Mesi

July 23, 2023Independent
Album | Digital36:45 | 9 tracks
Dark Folk / AmbientCluny, France

Sacred Airs

What French musician and producer Mira Ceti has created here will fascinate regular music lovers and (ethno-)musicologists likewise. The artist who has specialised on ritual and sacred music from all over the world, presents her new collection Himest Mesi. It contains seven vocal tracks sung in six different languages. This collection of chants from the global North features the Aramaic song Tebeh Dino, Lesole from Bulgaria, Esker Mila from the Basque country, the Georgian song Kakhuri Nana, Sudrabina from Latvia, and the two songs sung in Buryat Zulaye and Uriat. The album is introduced by the cold and windy drone Nprp, and after the first third, the interlude Shmn adds to the cinematic flair.

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Shamanic Arrangements

Viewed from the exterior, the seven sonic tales on Himest Mesi have little in common with each other. They tell of springtime (Uriat) and midsummer (Sudrabina), they celebrate childbirth (Kakhuri Nana) and weddings (Zulaye), or they concern completely different topics. Neither their lingual, temporal, nor geographic features seem to inherit much coherence. But once one has began to listen to this fantastic collection, suddenly all the pieces fit. This is real Folk. It is the music of one connected people, scattered around the planet. On Himest Mesi, Mira Ceti lets her listeners rediscover our bondings with our kind and with the world we live in.

Immortal Sounds

The seven songs on Himest Mesi are stunning as their are full of harmony, emotion and melancholia. Each of the tracks animates a direct connection between the heart, the mind, the world, and the universe. Mira Ceti has arranged these traditional songs in a way honours their origins and yet is made suitable for a 21st-century ear. Like that, the tales have been made immortal.
9/10 Mangoes
listening recommendations: Zulaye, Esker Mila, Sudrabina

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Composed, arranged and produced by Mira Ceti & n.hir
Mastered by Blanka at Kasablanka Mastering
Recorded by Guillaume Vannier
Additional vocals by Julia Bougon
Artwork by Zelie Doffemont

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