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Red Sun – From Sunset To Dawn

Album | 05/04/2024 | Subsound Records
41:38 | 8 tracks | Vinyl/CD/Digital
Acid Rock / Space Rock
Albone, Italy

The Magic of Darkness and Light

Over the centuries and millenia, humankind has made a great effort taming and controlling nature. Via progress, science and transfer of knowledge, the species has improved manifold matters for their own benefits. Nevertheless, there are certain situations in which the high-developed species realises that it is still a tenant of this planet and not its sole ruler. Solar or lunar eclipses, the sheer beauty of a sunset, or a nocturnal view of the stars are amongst those. All of them are defined by the simplest and yet most thrilling dichotomy in life: the interaction of life and darkness.

Bereshit 1,3-4 defines the maker’s creation of light and the following of separation of the light from darkness. And no matter, if you are a believer or not, you cannot deny that ever since there has been life, it has existed between those two excesses. Unsurprisingly, fiction and story-telling has always been influenced by this. And so is the new album From Sunset To Dawn by Italian Acid Space Rock trio Red Sun.

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Wordless Tales of Endlessness

From Sunset To Dawn is the third longplayer by Albone’s Red Sun, and it is an impressive journey from the reddest skies of a setting star over pitch black nights skies towards a triumphant sunset and its life-spending warmth. Although there are dark episodes and gloomy passages, the album is a deep embrace of all stages of the night. The album begins with a chilly atmosphere which gradually slides into the sheer fascination of nocturnal life. Under thick clouds and a new moon, the night unfolds its beauty. Towards the latter third of the album, the sounds become brighter – and proggier – while triumphant themes announce a new dawn.

Not only is From Sunset To Dawn an album with a great theme and impressive motifs that emphasise the narrative. Red Sun manage to narrate the time between dusk and dawn pictorial and comprehensible. From beginning to end, the band lets their listeners dive into the night, into reflection, meditation, and recreation. This album is a fantastic lucid dream, a powerful homage to both, darkness and light.
9/10 Mangoes

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We will dance again

Mia Schem

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