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Shaela Miller – Mourning Tonight

Single | 09/02/2024 | Neon Moon Records
3:35 | Digital
Alt Country / New Wave
Lethbridge, AB, Canada

From the upcoming album After the Masquerade (Spring 2024)

An emotional ride

In the second ex ante single from her upcoming album After the Masquerade, Lethbridge’s Shaela Miller navigates along a difficult road. The starting point is the grief after the death of a loved person. And although the journey’s direction is away from this position, the grief is also a constant companion through the ride. Somewere in the distance, beyond the horizon, there is peace of mind and solace. But to get there, a complex and long way has to be mastered. Past, present, and future come together, when daily tasks have to be managed, while the pain has to be dealt with in order to reach peace.

Country musician Shaela Miller is re-inventing her musical style with the upcoming longplayer After the Masquerade. The propelling bass line at the beginning of Mourning Tonight and the atmospheric synthesizers lead the way to the realms of New Wave and Synth Rock. Country guitar and Shaela Miller’s vocals interlock with this gloomy soundscape. Together, the two sonic worlds form a stunning fusion of melancholic and emotional music. This is the New Wave of Country Fusion.

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