alt="Snailbones - Tinnitus Alrightus (2022, Rendered Useless Records) COVER"Artwork: Kelly Minton | Art Direction: tIMothy

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alt="Snailbones - Tinnitus Alrightus (2022, Rendered Useless Records) COVER"
Artwork: Kelly Minton | Art Direction: tIMothy

Snailbones – Tinnitus Alrightus
Release Date: March 23, 2022
Label: Rendered Useless Records
Format: Album | Vinyl/CD/Digital
Duration: 30:45 | 10 tracks
Genre: Noise Rock / Punk Rock / Grunge
Origin: Portland, OR, USA

It all began in Seattle…

… and then it became something big in Portland, Oregon. This phrase gives a broad outline of the origins of Snailbones. The band was formed in 2017 by Timothy Francis (guitar) and Kelly Minton (bass), when Drew Owens (drums) joined them in Portland, Oregon and completed the line-up. Sharing a love for 1990s Alternative Rock and Grunge, and American-style Hardcore Punk and Noise, they began producing their own sound. The result is a loud, fun, agile and dynamic mix that will very likely please fans of Afterbirth Cartoons, Wonk Unit or L7 equally. Snailbones performed at Bridge City Sessions, and they will make up for their cancelled gig at MASSiF Music Fest in Nelson, British Columbia in September 2023.

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Straight outta Map Room Studios

The gig in Canada was not the only one that fell prey to the pandemic, and thus Snailbones used their time off to produce two albums. „Keelhaul ‚em all“ was released in June 2022, shortly after the album on hand. As much as each of the two full-length releases has its own notes and unique elements, the Snailbones sound is what defines both of them. And that sound is coined by a freshly restarted energy made from late 20th century subculture. With Timothy’s vocals adding the Grunge and Noise feeling to the songs, and Kelly’s voice fitting the Punk Rock themes perfectly, a gigantic playground emerges. This sonic area gets filled by energetic rhythms, crunchy guitar sounds, blasting riffs, and the sheer joy of creating noise.

„Tinnitus Alrightus“ is the soundtrack for the party which might destroy your house. Deconstruction is art, and often times, destruction is necessary for progress. And thus, this half-hour collection of sonic wrecking balls is ideal for your next demolition party. Besides that, Snailbones have produced a powerful album that screams that neither Punk nor Grunge, let alone Noise have ever been dead. They may have paused for a bit, but this release is living proof they are more awake than ever before.
8/10 Mangoes

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