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The Sorrow of Being Immaculate – Church Music for Satanists

Album | 09/02/2024 | drone alone productions
57:30 | 7 tracks | Digital
Drone Doom / Atmospheric Doom
Oxfordshire, England

Once upon a Time in Wales

The Sorrow of Being Immaculate is a one-person task force for eschatological sounds and occult meditation from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In autumn 2023, the solo artist undertook a the North of Wales and deeply inhaled the beautiful countryside’s energy. It was here, where the inspiration for the release Church Music for Satanists was born, and only a few months later, the album has been finalised. From the creative process to its realisation until the cover artwork, solo artists The Sorrow of Being Immaculate has done almost all of the work here. Only further name mentioned in the credits is Mike Bannard who took care of recording and mixing at Safehouse Studios.

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Satanic Trance Loops

Equipped with bass, guitars, loop station, and effects, The Sorrow of Being Immaculate opens a portal to a dimension where time and space do not seem to exist. Atmospheric Doom Metal and Drone create gigantic cycles of apocalyptic darkness with intense gravity. As gloomy, menacing, and raw Church Music for Satanists may sound, it has a deeply psychedelic and meditative effect. Although production and completion seem to be done a bit too hasty, Church Music for Satanists is yet a solid Drone Doom release for long lonesome walks or occult sessions.
5/10 Mangoes

Promo material by courtesy of C Squared Music

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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