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Angel Sax and Eschatological Restlessness

Mango of the Week Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to Ursular – Preta July 21, 2023 OMN Label Services / Fuga Album | Vinyl/CD/Digital 38:32 | 4 tracks Saxodoom Berlin, Germany Hungry Ghosts Preta (Sanskrit: प्रेत) describes a state of the soul between its body’s death and the step to next […]

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New releases: November 22, 2022

Six great new releases.Updated playlists can be found on the bottom of the post. 16 – Into Dust Album | 18/11/2022Sludgecore / Stoner MetalSan Diego, CA, USA Blodkvalt – Algor Mortis Album | 18/11/2022Blackened GrindcoreOslo, Norway Chris Maragoth – Fading Memories (feat. RoT) Single 18/11/2022Modern Metal / Melodic MetalMagdeburg, Germany Mellow Beast – Mind Worm […]

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