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December 08, 2023Black Throne Productions
EP | Digital20:46 | 4 tracks
Heavy Psychedelic Rock
Stoner Doom
Barrie, Ontario

Life on Earth is weird. And one huge part of all of the weirdness is that gigantic satellite rock that orbits our home planet. Our moon is full of myths, especially in modern ages it has become the centre of outlandish conspiracy theories and international rivalry. We shall not cudgel our brains about these modern tales today. This text is about Luna, the latest EP by Ontarian Stoner Doom and Heavy Psych trio AAWKS, a four-track collection of moon worship in the mythological way.

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Goddess Luna receives a five-minute session of deep appreciation in the opening track The Figure. Here, AAWKS do what they are best at, and thus, the first song is a heavily fuzzy and psychedelic Stoner Doom monolith. Like moths to a flame, the song’s characters are drawn towards their own doom and demise. Darkness calls for them, and they follow.

But the moon is not the only one whom AAWKS pay tribute to on the EP Luna. The second track is a dynamic Fuzz Rock vesion of I Ran (So Far Away), originally performed by A Flock of Seagulls, and featured on their selftitled debut album from 1982. And next up, AAWKS dive even deeper into the past by interpreting Pink Floyd’s Julia Dream, the B-side of It would be so nice, released in 1968. After this hazy piece of Dream Rock, the band travels back to the present. Final track on the EP is a live version of their song All is fine. The original track is featured on their latest full-length release Heavy on the Cosmic.

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Luna is a short but coherent EP. AAWKS begin this journey howling at the moon until they fall into a deep sleep. As their minds wander back in time, they encounter legends of New Wave and Psychedelic Rock. The frenzy bursts like a bubble when band and listeners are suddenly transferred to a live show, and AAWKS share their timeless sound that reaches from Doom to Psych and from New Wave to Shoegaze. Therefore, a full orbit has been undertaken. AAWKS have taken their listeners to a circular journey through space and time.
7/10 Mangoes

Promo materials by courtesy of C Squared Music

Kris Dzierzbicki – guitar / vocals
Roberto Paraíso – guitar
Randylin Babic – drums

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