alt="Acid Goose - Perpetual Tormoent (2023, Asphyxia Records) COVER"

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alt="Acid Goose - Perpetual Tormoent (2023, Asphyxia Records) COVER"Acid Goose – Perpetual Torment
Release Date: January 15, 2023
Label: Asphyxia Records
Format: Album | Digital
Duration: 30:15 | 11 tracks
Genre: Dark Ambient / Drone / Industrial Noise
Origin: Dublin, Ireland

Nightmarish Meditation

The artist name Acid Goose may lead to rash conclusions referring to deeply psychedelic and sedative Kraut- or Space Rock. Although sole member of Acid Goose Paul MacKinnon names Psychedelic Rock artists among his artistic influences, the sonic environment on the album „Perpetual Torment“ is far away from hallucinogetic trips to outer space. The journey that this album send the audience to is a completely different one. On eleven tracks and half an hour, Acid Goose opens the darkest and scariest portals within our minds and thus presents an impressive and cinematic collection of sonic nightmares. Content warning: this sound is not for cowards.

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Eleven Hellish Levels

The sound on „Perpetual Torment“ is composed of Drones, the darkest Ambient sounds, glitches, and Industrial Noises. Acid Goose sets thoughts and experiences to music, and you can imagine that those are not the most jolly incidents which coined these compositions. Nevertheless, Acid Goose keeps the soundscapes on a certain meta level that allows the audience to find their own mindset within them. Like in an expressionist painting, the audience becomes an artist themselves.

The character of the eleven tracks on „Perpetual Torment“ fits the aim of Acid Goose artist Paul MacKinnon ideally: you can easily imagine this album to be the soundtrack for a scary and thrilling video game. Similar to The Mountain King’s „Super Dead Isle 2„, the sounds on „Perpetual Torment“ create an eleven-stages first person narrative – age rating: 18; difficulty: hell.
7/10 Mangoes

All Pictures by Courtesy of Acid Goose

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