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TELGATE – Gammon

April 01, 2023Independent
Single | Digital04:00
Glam Rock / Heavy RockCardiff, Wales

Workers, Unite!

TELGATE, Cardiff’s aggro-glam b!tches, as they say themselves, are band from Wales who add a fresh and invirogating spin to 1970s Hard and Glam Rock. They use the psychedelic and thrilling power of massively rolling Blues riffs and wrap them up in a modern way. By adding the angry energy of Punk Rock and Grunge, TELGATE create a contemporary version of Glam. This is music for the revolution – this is Aggro Glam!

In their latest single Gammon, TELGATE reckon with the current political situation in their home country. The United Kingdom (and many other states of the Northern Hemisphere) are experiencing a solid lurch to the right. In government, in the media, and in everyday life, the general mood has cooled down by a lot recently since people in power play their cards wisely by turning people against peole. And thus, TELGATE call for the oppressed to unite, and to stop playing the dog-eat-dog game which only benefits the rich.

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An Anthem for Change

TELGATE provide the world with a hymn for everyone who fights oppressive structures. Their goal is a world where people can live in peace and where noone is discriminated against for who they are. This anthem is pillared on heavy Blues Rock which proudly stomps forward while the vocals gradually heat up the atmosphere. As the tension rises, the sound becomes heavier and glammier simultaneously until it escalates in an explosion of a climax made from fuzz-loaded Hard Rock and sheer anger. Here, the organ kicks in and spreads an electrifying vibration. Not a bit less powerful but much more focused, the song’s second half is a dynamic and psychedelic Protest Rock banger.

Photo by Sam Stevens

Reclaim the Country

TELGATE’s Aggro Glam shakes the Earth, and it hopefully causes some cracks in the palaces of those who oppress the people. If not, then it should at least encourage people to unite and ensure there will be some cracks in the palaces soon.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of TELGATE
Gammon was produced by Andrew Sanders of Kings Road Studios

Ali Conor (they/them) – drums
Jacob Jones (he/him) – bass
Jim Webster (he/him) – keyboards
Chris Norton (they/them) – guitar
Casper James (he/him) – vocals

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