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December 15, 2023It’s Eleven Records
EP | Tape/Digital20:51 | 7 tracks
Synth Punk / Garage PunkLeipzig, Germany

Woop woop, Leipzig’s Emergency Punk Rock quartet Ambulanz is back. One and a half year after their selftitled debut smashed onto our ear drums, the Garage and Synth Punk powerhouse is back with their seven-track sophomore thunderstorm II. Is it an EP or a very short album? There are arguments for and against both. We might talk about, coherence, cohesion, themes, this and that, we might as well just turn up the volume, press play, and be enchanted by this gorgeous sonic tempest.

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When an ambulance car has to go somewhere, there is no time for detailed explanations or elaborations. That siren has to wail and the pedal needs too hit the metal. Ambulanz‚ second tape is very much like that. Instead of delicately structured introductions or monolithic scaffoldings, the Saxon trio jumps in medias res, and immediately begins to kick arses.

On the six tracks, II is an emotional rollercoaster ride through the most beautiful memories of the late 1970s and a timeless Punk Rock attitude. Garage Rock kisses Synthwave and 77 Punk. Ambulanz are jittery, somehow melancholic, and they never forget to bust a move. The first 85% of the tape are medicine for your ears and souls. As an encore, a nameless Synthwave track finishes II, and thereby the short but helpful musical therapy ends.

Ambulanz present a twenty-minute blast of intelligent and activating minimalism. II is a highly versatile collection of instant bangers.
8/10 Mangoes
listening recommendation: Hours, Race Horse

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