New Releases: December 02, 2023

Supported by Musosoup #SustainableCurator nedogled – Spiritwood Album | 01/12/2023 | IndependentPsychedelic Doom / Dark Synth | Serbia The sounds of these ten tracks come directly from the darkest depths of the woods. Natural mysticism, dark magic and the fascination of the unknown come together when nedogled and his guest musicians conjure ancient powers and wisdom. […]

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alt="Unicorn Partisans - Dance, Fight, Glitterize (2022/2023, unsigned) COVER"

Anti-Oppressive Dancing

With their second EP Dance, Fight, Glitterize, the antifascist Techno Crust and Disco Punk Duo Unicorn Partisans continues their mission. The Unicorn Partisans are Tan-Ya (voice, also political activist and former member of Crust band Peace Enforcement) and Scheng-Fou (synthesizers, sequencers and drums, also drummer of Guts Pie Earshot). On their first EP Repression Depression, […]

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New Releases: November 18, 2023

Supported by Musosoup #SustainableCurator 9 o’clock nasty – Unkle Natur Single | 18/11/2023 | IndependentRapcore / Crossover | Leicester, England Guess who’s back! 9 o’clock nasty are back. Their third album Culture War 23 has been released only six weeks ago, and here they are again. In their latest single, they let us know that we […]

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