alt="At the Plates - Omnivore (2024, Hemispheres Decayed Media) COVER"Artwork by Niklas Sundin |

At the Plates – Omnivore

Album | 05/01/2024
Hemispheres Decayed Media
Blackened Death Metal
47:02 | 10 tracks | CD/Digital
Maryland, USA

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The Third Amuse-Gueule

Hungry metalheads, listen up. Your stomach rumbles have been heard, and they shall now be over. It is the three Maryland-based chefs Tony Rouse (guitar, bass, drums), Tyler McCarthy (lead guitar) and Mario Alejandro (vocals) who are proudly serving their third course. After their previous releases Garden Salads of Grief (2018) and Starch Enemy (2020), At the Plates now present Omnivore. On ten tracks, At the Plates serve healthy food for body, soul, and neck muscles.

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A Versatile Combination of Flavours

The culinary trio’s name may remind some readers of a Swedish Death Metal band, and indeed, At the Plates‚ sound contains many influences from 1990s Northern European Death Metal. Yet, the recipes compiled by the three-piece and their assistants is far more versatile than an At the Gates tribute. Omnivore contains spicy Black Metal seasoning of the dissonant type, juicy Bay Area Death Metal for sauce, some typical East Coast ingredients for extra crunch, and the magic of a secret family recipe.

Behind its powerful, groovy, savage and yet controlled sounds, Omnivore contains an important and serious theme. At the Plates‚ third release is no classic concept album but deals with issues such as mental and physical health, blows of fate, and the feeling of hitting rock bottom. Here, where desolation and darkness seem to define everything, Omnivore is a warming flare, a beacon that can lead out of despair. At the Gates use humour, heavy riffs, frosty leads, and bloodthirsty Death Metal imagery for everyone who is hungry for change.
8/10 Mangoes


Written and Recorded by At the Plates
Mixed by Tony Rouse
Mastered by Tony Petrocelly at Trepan Studios
Artwork by Niklas Sundin
Logo by Mark Riddick
Lyrics by Mario Alejandro & Tony Rouse
Additional vocals on Terminal Filet Disease by Danica Amore
Additional vocals on Open Buffet Surgery by Ryan Wolanski
Intro to Open Buffet Surgery by Davis Mullen
Promo materials by courtesy of C Squared Music

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We will dance again

Mia Schem

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