alt="The Magenta - May Cause Addiction (2023, unsigned) COVER"Artwork by Marina Alexopoulou

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The Magenta – May Cause Addiction

EP | 28/11/2023 | Independent
Indie Rock / Blues Rock
Athens, Greece

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Full Circle

The debut release by The Magenta from the capital of Greece is a holistic piece of music in several ways. First of all, the musical realisation of this mini album deserves attention and appreciation. Within only twenty minutes, The Magenta undertake a sonic trip that reaches from laid-back Blues to activating Indie Rock, and into the realms of Psychedelia. Content-wise, May Cause Addiction deals with the human soul’s darker corners. The Magenta ride through the psyche’s realms where negativity reigns, and they do a good job tiying up there. And finally, the mini album’s title is a perfect fit as it is a gateway drug that whets the listeners‘ appetite for more of that Magenta sound.
7/10 Mangoes

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