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Bingo Boys – Donuts

February 14, 2023Radio Cake Records
Single | Digital01:46
Bingo Punk / Garage RockIndianapolis, IN, USA

Bingo, Demolition, and Happiness

To avoid confusion, this is not about the Dancehall and 90s Disco Pop band Bingo Boys. No, this is about Michael Carter (drums), Noah Mackey (bass) and Gus Matracia (guitar) from Indianapolis. It was in the year 2020, about a month before the first lockdown when the three musicians formed the Bingo Boys. In the same weird year they released their selftitled EP, a five-track demonstration of fuzzy Garage Rock and savage 80s-style Punk. The years have rolled by, two albums have been recorded and released, and the trio from Indiana has recently signed with Radio Cake Records. Currently they are working on their third longplayer Freak Out and Leave of which the single Donuts is the first pretaste.

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Shifted Up

Those who have listened to previous Bingo Boys releases will find that the first step to Freak Out and Leave keeps on following the Bingo Boys sound which consists of US Punk in the vein of Black Flag or Bad Brains, fuzzy Garage Rock tunes that sometimes have a tendency towards psychedelic sounds, and portions of early 90s Alternative Rock. But Donuts is much more than just a continuation of Lamborghini and More.

106 Seconds of Destruction

With high velocity and brutal energy, Gus, Noah and Michael plow through this massively destructive song. You may speak of Hardcore Punk or Garage Noise, but this is Bingo Punk! Don’t hope for mercy, and join this savage moshpit instead.
8/10 Mangoes

All picture by courtesy of Bingo Boys
Donuts was recorded at 1857 Studios in Indianapolis, IN
Mix and Master: Wes Heaton
Engineering: Kameron Lockwood
Grunt Work: Demarcus Bowden

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