Black Elder – here is the song you always wanted me to write
Release Date: August 18, 2022
Genre: Post Metalcore
Origin: Germany
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How many songs you really ever wanted to be written? Black Elder bets it’s this very song he released as a single.
Behind “here is the song you always wanted me to write” is the mastermind of a single German musician, who wrote and recorded everything – while also “struggling with mental issues and trying to cope with music”. This gives a darker background to the already dark atmosphere of Black Elder, and puts some perspective on how to experience it best.
Overall the track can be described as newschool bedroom post metalcore, you know that kind, when one talented prodigy manages to have impressive skills to record and program every instrument and vocals, and mix it way above average. “Here is…” is no different – straight off the bat it kicks off with the setup of Slipknot’s Vol. 3, with the build-up achieved by talking in deep low voice above the unsettling riff.

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Then it all explodes with progressive shreds and intense hysterical vocals that really steal the show, making the song stand out among the majority of amateur metal bands with copypasted and tuned vocals; just some raw harsh emotional breakdown straight from the class of Norma Jean and such. Oh, and probably the closest thing to Black Elder in vocal sense is Tallah. Fresh.
Music is a bit less OG, but also wears that seal of unnerving weirdness. And it’s not just about chugging, or moving time signatures – more about the riffs themselves and songwriting. Black Elder ingested the best parts of 2000x metalcore (i.e. Deadguy, Rorscharch, etc) and put it through the lens of modern metal scene, making it sound both clean and disturbed.
I just hope that this act lives long enough to truly fulfil the creative potential that is always behind a young unstable mind.

Text by Dmitriy Churilov

Picture Credit: Black Elder

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