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Bruit Fureur – Bruit Fureur

Album | 01/03/2024 | Terre Ferme Records / Foudrage
32:26 | 9 tracks | Vinyl/Digital
Noise Poetry
Toulouse, France

Hammer Blow of a Debut

French duo Bruit Fureur’s name can be translated to Noise Rage, and to keep it short, this name fits their music very well. But you shoud not expect uncontrolled bursts of fury here. Instead, the self-titled debut album is a legit piece of arts, an experimental approach of translating intense emotions to score. The intention by Marie Olaya and Chris Rod is to keep stories alive. These stories were told by people who are often heard less amidst the noise of this world. Bruit Fureur collect and amplify the stories that are drowned in the cacophony of patriarch and kyriarch soundscapes. Alas, let them be heard!

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Amplified Poetry

Bruit Fureur have turned the stories into poems. These poems have then become the base for an electrifying performance that unites heart, mind, and body. Tales of pain, fear, loss, or anger find their expression in this sophisticated translation. Bruit Fureur manage to give a musical body to the emotions in the lyrics. A tense and sometimes claustrophobic mood emerges from this expressive performance, and in the end, it helps to blow away many negative thoughts.

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Regulating the Noise

Bruit Fureur is an impressive performative realisation of stories that are overheard in the general public. In order to make them audible, Bruit Fureur bluster against the cacophony, and aim for a regulation of the general noise.
9/10 Mangoes


Promo material by courtesy of Bruit Fureur

Chris Rod – lyrics, vocals, composition
Marie Olaya – guitar, composition

Sam Deverell – realisation
Séb. Haby – mix
Thibault Chaumont – master
Sylvain Bardy – live guitar

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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