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Spirits of Saturn – Transfigured

Single | 01/03/2024 | Silver Room Records
5:15 | Digital
Synth Pop / New Wave
London, England

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Leaving Space Camp

There is one thing that all of the famous space travellers, astronauts and cosmonauts have in common. From Yuri Gargarin to Buzz Aldrin, and from Mae Jemison to Kalpana Chawla, there is one connecting feature. All of them have started on Earth. Thus, they were not born astronauts but became astronauts. And this is the tale of a quartet who has just successfully left space camp and is now ready to reach for the stars. Here are Early Sans (synths and vocals), Edmund Blackadder (keys and vocals), Scott Docherty (bass), and Elian Lion (drums). Together they are Spirits of Saturn.

Recently, Spirits of Saturn have released the two singles 100mph and Feels of Agency. On stage, they enchanted the masses at their debut shows, as well as on tour with Temples. Spirits of Saturn have proven that they can perform and deliver on this side of the atmosphere. Their new single Transfigured is about to shoot them into the gravity field of the sixth planet.

A warm bass that gently caresses the listeners on their cosmic trip interlocks with the steady rhythm. Above, the synthesizer creates a gigantic psychedelic void that softly vacuums the song into zero gravity zone. Meanwhile, the strings paint gorgeous pictures of meteor showers, and the vocals invite the listeners to graceful motion. Transfigured is the flagship that shall take Spirits of Saturn to wherever they want.


Recorded at Loop Studios, Manchester
Mixed and mastered by Tucan (Superorganism)

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