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Butterfly Bulldozer – The Great Becoming of Captain Fuzz

EP | 16/02/2024 | Tempest of Noise
26:07 | 5 tracks | CD/Digital
Post Punk / Psychedelic Noise
Nantes, France

BAND SHOOT 1 ©Téo Gaudet
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The Tale of Butterfly Bulldozer: Prologue

This is the story from a planet that is about to end. One of its humanoid android citizens, OB-1 once interctepted a long distance call between to individuals called Captain Fuzz and Professor Tricks. They have a plan to leave their home planet and look for a better future elsewhere. OB-1 wants to join this adventurous mission, and invites Tank to come as well. Tank is the one who created OB-1. But since a spaceship needs a gunner, Rocket joins the gang, and as a quintet, they can finalise their vessel. The spaceship they escape is called Butterfly Bulldozer.

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The Beginning of a Great Story

The story of the five-piece crew that leaves their home planet on the ship called Butterfly Bulldozer is being told by the eponymous band from French Nantes. On the five-track EP The Great Becoming of Captain Fuzz, we learn about the origins of the space crew and how they got together. The listeners get introduced to the five characters and their mission. And when the EP has reached its final sounds, it becomes obvious that this is just the beginning. The story of Butterfly Bulldozer has just begun.

Assembling the Pieces

Each of the five songs has its own sound. The diversity which reaches from dynamic Post Punk over to dizzy Psychedelic Rock and from eloquent Progressive Rock to shaking Noise Rock symbolises the diversity of the five-piece crew. And after all, the different pieces fit. Together, and under the lead of Captain Fuzz, they form the Butterfly Bulldozer.

To be continued

This may be the beginning of something really great. Butterfly Bulldozer have set the bar high with their introductory EP. Now, the listeners are excited how the story is about to continue. The spaceship is ready for take-off, and a whole universe full of stories shall be explored.
8/10 Mangoes


Téo Gaudet (band shot in slider)
Marine Boutellier (live shots)
Vincent Allix (band shot in paragraph)

Téo Gaudet

Corentin Bougerolle

François Terazzoni

Butterfly Bulldozer

Vincent Allix (vocals)
Manu Lem (guitar/synth)
Aubin Pougnant (guitar/synth)
Corentin Bougerolle (drums)
Tanguy Serand (bass)

Promo material by courtesy of Creative Eclipse PR

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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