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Weightausend – Hijack Momentum

Single | 27/01/2024 | Independent
3:36 | Digital
Experimental Techno / Leftfield
Milan, Italy

The track is also featured on the compilation Ascension (28/11/2023 | EtherwerkZ)

Chaos Birthes Energy

Life is full of events that are strung together. Moments and happenings form periods and episodes that run parallely, criss-cross, or consecutively. And each of these lines has its own chaotic energy. Milanese artist Matthias Girardi, also known as Weightausend, is focusing on the uplifting movement amidst this sheer chaos of motions. Here, where there is momentum, there is hope and joy. And that is why keeping those moments in mind is so important. They may sace your life one day. Weightausend’s musical realisation of these thoughts is a glitchy, experimental, and deeply satisfying sonic experience. Like an epiphany, or like findin the needle in the haystack, the tune brings deep content. This is handcrafted electronic music straight from the heart.

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