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Daily Thompson – Chuparosa

Album | 17/05/2024 | Noisolution
36:52 | 6 tracks | Vinyl/CD/Digital
Desert Rock / Grunge
Dortmund, Germany

Thorsten Stratmann, Danny Zaremba, and Mercedes Lalakakis sitting on a pavement, wearing sunglasses
Photo by Jonas Wenz

The Sound of the North West

Dortmund and Seattle, Washington may have more in common than you might think. Both cities are located in the North West regions of their countries, and the shadows of both, Space Needle and RWE tower, seem be fertile ground for heavy Grunge. And to close this circle, Dortmund’s Daily Thompson have just released their new album Chuparosa which was recorded in the native town of the Grunge. Their third album on Berlin’s label Noisolution is a (almost) thirty-seven minutes celebration of Fuzz, Stoner and Alternative Rock at ist best.

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Experience and Confidence

Watching Daily Thompson evolve from release to release is absolutely beautiful. After their excursion into the realms of Psychedelic Rock on the album Oumuamua (2020 | Noisolution), previous longplayer God of Spinoza (2021 | Noisolution) was the trio’s most Grunge release… so far! Two-and-a-half years and a live album later, Mercedes, Danny, and Thorsten are not going the extra mile. They are showing us that they are nowhere near slowing down. In the same line-up as on the previous album, Daily Thompson shake the Earth even harder than before.

Tony Reed, who already recorded God of Spinoza, took care of the finalisation of Chuparosa, and he was even responsible for some extra tasks such as being the band’s driver, and he invited Bob Balch (Fu Manchu) to APL Recordings in Port Orchard who contributed a guitar solo to the track I’m Free Tonight.

Mercedes Lalakakis, Danny Zaremba, and Thorsten Stratmann standing between high-rise brick buildings
Photo by Jonas Wenz

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Steamrollers and Feathers

Like on no Daily Thompson release before, Chuparosa is a masterful display of perfect team work. The trio works like a clockwork, and presents themselves playfully, destined, and lively simultaneously. From the lightfooted and elegant sounds of the title track to the massive rotation in I’m free tonight (and the perfect use of a cowbell in the same track), Daily Thompson move absolutely freely, and constantly push the boundaries of their sound. Bone-dry Desert Rock interacts with massive beasts of Grunge riffs, scorching hot Fuzz, and the elegance of a flock of butterflies. Daily Thompson have excelled themselves onc again by releasing this hot candidate for the album of the year.
10/10 Mangoes

Promo material by courtesy of Noisolution

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