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Vægtløs – Aftryk

Album | 02/02/2024 | 46 different labels
38:03 | 4 tracks | Vinyl/Cassette/CD/Digital
Blackgaze / Post Metal / Post Hardcore
Ålborg, Denmark

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Of Pain and Unanswered Questions

Fifteen months ago, Danish band Vægtløs had their first appearance on MangoWave when their two-track EP Kakofoni received a rating of 9/10 Mangoes [click here to read the review]. Supported by deeply melancholic and razorsharp heavy sounds, the band expressed their mourning and grief for loved people who have gone too soon. Now, Vægtløs are back with their first full-length release, and their theme remains. Here are four more songs that were dedicated to loved ones of the band, this is Aftryk.

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Sailing through a Storm

Aftryk is a thirty-eight-minute ride through the darkest, stormiest, and coldest regions of the human psyche. Black Metal-leads that sting like a million frosty needles symbolise the pain and grief while massive hammer blows of Post Metal leave a numb feeling that reminds of a cocoon of desolation. ANd between these turning points there is something that may refer to the grieving persons‘ battle for their own health. These Post Hardcore element appear to scream affirmatively that there is a life after the mourning, and that there has to be a path through these thick clouds of sorrow. After the storm there shall be sunshine even though the atrocities will leave scars.

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Empathetic Revolution

There is another layer in Vægtløs‚ album Aftryk. Besides remembering their loved ones, Vægtløs have a message for their listeners and everyone else, too. This about being honest, showing weakness, talking about feeling and emotions, confessing faults or insecurities. Subcultural spheres such as Hardcore, Metal or related genres have issues that are very much alike those of the general public. Patriarch (or kyriarch) structures produce images of people who are flawless, painless, faultless. Those who show weaknesses or confess their faults face devaluation or marginalisation.

Let us therefore be more honest to each other, and to ourselves. We shall cry, laugh, fight, and be silent together. Empathy shall be this revolution’s motor. And for the empathetic who love loud, emotional and heavy music, Aftryk is the right soundtrack.
9/10 Mangoes


Vægtløs are:
Frederik Højlund (guitar)
Jeppe Nørgaard (bass)
Tobias Aske Heltborg (drums)
Troels H. Sørensen (vocals)

Spoken words: Thomas Burø and Tanja Gade Hammerholt
Mixed and mastered: Jacob Bredahl
Engineered: Rasmus Glassau Clausen & Vægtløs
Extra set of ears: Niels H. Sørensen, Jan Fenger, Christian Bonnesen, and Thomas Burø
Artwork: Jon Gotlev (noheroes)
Layout: Jeppe Nørgaard
Additional vocals: Victor Kaas and Christian Bonnesen
Backing vocals: Tobias Aske Heltborg, Jan Fenger, Christian Holmsberg, Niels H. Sørensen, and Lasse Olsen

Promo material by courtesy of Vægtløs

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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