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El-P feat. The Blue Series Continuum – High Water

Album | 09/03/2004 | Thirsty Ear Recordings
44:05 | 8 tracks | Vinyl/CD
Jazz Fusion / Experimental Electronic
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Once in a Blue Moon

Jaime Meline, better known as El-P, is predominantly famous for his output in the musical spheres of Rap and Hip Hop, and for the releases of his label Definitive Jux which he founded together with Amaechi Uzoigwe. But El-P is acquainted with many musical styles, and in 2004 he collaborated with The Blue Series Continuum who have been famous for their experimental approach to Jazz and Fusion. In a sextet formation, the band recorded eight tracks which were composed, arranged, produced, and mixed by El-P. The album is predominantly instrumental, only the vocals by Harry Keys on When the Moon was blue make an exception.

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Staying and Leaving in Brooklyn

High Water is majorly a laidback soundscape on which Jazz and Electronica interfere with each other. In some passages, as in the second half of Intrigue in the House of India, El-P lets his roots in the Hip Hop culture shine through. Nevertheless, High Water is as gentle as a thick fog that moves from the docks to the streets and smoothly caresses the brick houses. Between Please Stay (Yesterday) and Please Leave (Yesterday), a little narrative compiled of six chapters is told. The parts are loosely attached to each other which harms the album’s coherence. Yet, two factors provide listening pleasure: the musicians‘ skills and the smooth mood.
7/10 Mangoes

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