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Electrolytes – Ultralyte

August 18, 2023 (digital)
August 25, 2023 (cassette)
It’s Eleven Records
Album | Digital/Cassette38:52 | 10 tracks
Psycho Funk / Synth RockDresden, Germany

Think of the electrolytes!

If the reminder to not forget consuming enough electrolytes sounds familiar to you, you have very likely watched the film Berlin Blues (German original: Herr Lehmann) or read the eponymous book by Sven Regener on which the film is based. There are numerous sources for electrolytes, and one of them are gherkins. And the question for the best gherkins (in Europe) is easily answered: Spreewaldgurken! Apparently, Dresden-based quartet Electrolytes love Spreewaldgurken, too. Thus, their debut album Ultralyte is covered by an appetising image of a gherkin. Guten Appetit!

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Disco Punk for Dark Nights

The sound which Electrolytes present on Ultralyte can broadly be classified by three dimensions. First of all, there is the sound of Garage and Indie Rock in combination with the atmosphere fo the current Post Punk Revival. Secondly, there is Disco. But this is not your regular kind of Disco as Electrolytes get funky and crazy while folding in the dark and anarchist taste of Garage and Post Punk. And thirdly, there is Doom – hear me out before punching your screen! Doom, not as in Doom Metal or related genres, neither as in Doom the Crust band from Birmingham, and most certainly not Doom as in DOOM the video game.

The sound of Electrolytes contains the ingredient of Doom as in eschaton. Doom as in knowing the world is about to end, but nevertheless working on making the end of times a tiny bit more pleasant. This is the Indie Garage Post Punk Disco sound for everyone who is aware of the planet being on fire but still motivated to plant another tree – or at least throw a party.

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Cynicism and Consciousness

Ultralyte covers a wide spectrum of emotional expression and awareness. Electrolytes address the darkness of our reality, but still allow windows for escapism. Thus, the album is defined by a golden line connecting melancholia and activism, focus and volunteer distraction, self-care and awareness for the environment. Wrapped in catchy and activating dark sounds, Electrolytes have done a great job spreading these messages.
8/10 Mangoes


Sandra Spindler – bass, vocals
Martin Matthes – guitar, vocals
Max Jäger – keys
Felix Karpf – drums, vocals

Songs and lyrics written by Electrolytes except: gameon written by Carina Hayek/Oree & Friends, and no one‘s gun lyrics written by Karolin Wieland

LonA – vocals on Labyrinth

Recorded and mixed by Martin Matthes
Mastered by Schotte Sounddevil Mastering Dresden

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