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Gabrielle Ornate – Delirium

March 31, 2023Minerva Sounds
Single | Digital03:24
Bohemian Pop / Psychedelic PopNeedham Market, England

The Joy of Letting Go

With her extravagant approach to psychedelic and dreamy sounds in combination with heavy guitar riffs and empowering messages, Suffolk’s Gabrielle Ornate has created many exciting and thrilling anthems in the recent years. About four months have passed since the Bohemian Pop artist has released her latest single Phantasmclick here if you want to read the review. And while sound-wise, the new song Delirium is traveling in similar spheres, the setting of Gabrielle Ornate’s new single is a completely different one. Thus, she leaves the mysteriously beautiful realms of faitytales and relocates to this side of the stories.

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Next Stop: Euphoria

Driven by a little Tears for Fears vibe, Gabrielle Ornate presents her musical empowerment on a whole new level. Delirium is an ode to freedom and is set in an environment where everyone is absolutely free to let theirselves go to pure joy, euphoria, and Delirium.

You can think of the song’s short intro as the golden sip of the liquid that lets you enter the lands of rapture, or the fall into the rabbit hole if you prefer Lewis Carroll references. And from there on, the ethereal vocals by Gabrielle Ornate lead you through a gorgeous maze of caldeidoscope and rainbows.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Gabrielle Ornate

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