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Dronningen – Superstardom

Picture Credit: Dronningen

02:56 | Single | 08/10/2022
Digital | Independent
Electro Rock / Indie Rock
London, England

The name Dronningen may lead to a Scandinavian wrong way since in Danish and Norwegian it means The Queen. Nevertheless, there is probably only little Viking blood flowing through the veins of London-based Italian artists Beatrice Bonnano (guitar and vocals) and Vito Cerasia (lead guitar). The duo has released three EPs between 2014 and 2017 on which they presented their boppy and energetic mix of heavy Rock music with active Electro sounds. After a release hiatus of almost five years, Dronningen returned to the game with their single ‚Theatrical Love‘. Since October, we can also raise our cups and celebrate to the party anthem ‚Superstardom‘.

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Together with guest drummer Alberto Voglino (drums), Dronningen jump in medias res and invite their listeners to a savage party. On a rhythm that makes it impossible to stand still, the dynamic Synth Rock element shoot through the air like laser beams while the heavy guitars build a solid foundation. Shaking the Earth, Dronningen play their highly motivating tune which is a straight invitation to stand up and oursue your dreams. „Superstardom“ is the kind of Rock song that helps you with your morning routine. So, turn that volume up and make the best of the one life you have.
7/10 Mangoes

The Curse of K.K. Hammond – The Ballad of Lampshade Ed

Picture Credit: The Curse of K.K. Hammond

03:49 | Single | 30/07/2021
Digital | Independent
Folk Rock / Swamp Blues / Murder Ballad
Buckinghamshire, England

While the listeners still have to wait for the debut album „Death Roll Blues“, the 2021 single ‚The Ballad of Lampshade Ed‘ is a great way to bridge the time. Buckinghamshire’s The Curse of K.K. Hammond has announced her first longplayer to out on vinyl, CD and streaming on March 31, 2023. Like the stunning single on hand, the album will also feature guest appearance by David & The Devil. And for those who have not heard of The Curse of K.K. Hammond, this is a great chance to catch up. The artist blends Blues and Folk, and paints the sonic result in the gloomy colours of Murder Ballads and horror stories.

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The narrative of ‚The Ballad of Lampshade Ed‘ is set in a sphere far away from agglomeration. The protagonist lives a simple life on a farm with his mind stuck somewhere between heaven and hell. Between cornfields, blues skies and the sheer endlessness of the countryside, a hotbed for horror has been found. Together with Dave & The Devil, The Curse of K.K. Hammond enchants us with a thick and deeply impressive Murder Ballad. Swamp Blues so heavy your boots will get stuck in it builds the foundation for a burning hot Country theme. The thrilling vocals on top, ‚The Ballad of Lampshade Ed‘ complete this cinematic sonic tale.
9/10 Mangoes

The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker – The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker

Picture Credit: The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker

18:31 | EP | 02/12/2022
Vinyl/CD/Digital | Chumpire Records/Wormholedeath Records
Proto Metal / Stoner Metal
Allentown, PA, USA

Pennsylvania’s The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker has grown from a quartet to a quintet since the release of their first single ‚Where Wolves and Wiccans Roam‚. Together with their Western Pennsylvanian brethren Neighbor Dan, they released a Split LP earlier this years. Since this CD was out of stock in no time, the side containing the The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker songs is now available as an EP.

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What the US American quintet provides us with here, is pure entertainment. Sonorous Heavy Metal and Hard Rock merges with the heavily rolling wheels of Stoner Rock and is finalized by sweet occultism. A sound that immediately makes your shake your head in devilish joy invites you to a satani séance with Tony Lipovksy (drums), Sean Cameron (bass), Josh Pretko (guitar and backing vocals), Jason Douglas (guitar) and John Pospischil (keys and vocals). Thus, move your coven to th skate park, since this is the missing link between Fu Manchu-like Stoner Rock and (very) early Black Sabbath-ish Doom Metal.
7/10 Mangoes

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