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5th Projekt – Vagabond

Picture Credit: Sködt McNalty

03:06 | Single | 15/11/2022
Digital | Organik Rekords
Cinematic Rock / Dream Rock
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Our planet is an immense cradle for inspiration and ideas once you view it from the right angle. Canadian Art Rock duo 5th Projekt has undertaken a pilgrimage of forty days walking the Way of St. James and the Camino Finisterre. The impressively beautiful countryside of Western Europe is the perfect setting for getting lost and finding oneself again. It was here, between fields, rocks and the shore, under gorgeous skies and alongside ley lines where Tara Rice and Sködt McNalty have fueled up their creative tank. As a result of this re-exploration of their selves, the duo has produced a new EP. The successor to the prolific „The Labyrinth“ will be called „The Wolf“, and it will be released via Organik Rekords on March 7, 2023.

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The first single from the upcoming EP ‚Vagabond‘ is a cinematically sonic hommage to the sheer freedom of mind that can only be attained in the environment. It is thus an ethereal anthem to the everlasting forces of the four elements, a musical declaration of love to nature. The artistic execution of this hymn for those who find peace by wandering across ou planet is extremely felicitous. 5th Projekt create a powerful and yet gently soft soundscape that can be located between genres like Shoegaze, Dream Rock, Psychedelic Rock or Post Rock. Atmospheric synthie themes hover above the beats like clouds over massive rock formations. Meanwhile, the ethereal vocals and the mesmerizing guitars fill this impressive and chill sonic environment with colour and warmth.
8/10 Mangoes

Nomera – DOMO-137

Picture Credit: Nomera

31:23 | Album | 13/10/2022
Digital | Independent
Post Rock / Progressive Rock
Valencia, Spain

Five years after their debut album „Holos“ was released, Eastern Spain’s Nomera are back with another great longplayer. The five-track album „DOMO-137“ was recorded at Fireworks Estudios by Jose JuradoVicente RocaAleksey Stepanov, and David Hernández. Half a decade seems like a long hiatus between releases, but once you begin digging into the soundscapes, you will realize that it was worth waiting for this album. Nomera present a wholesome sonic journey with thrilling arcs of suspense and a soundscape that goes far beyond the realms of Prog or Post Rock.

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It is a not far to seek thing to compare the structures of Post Rock or related genres with the movement of tides and waves. Nomera’s „DOMO-137“ is no different on the surface. But once the sonic ride begins, it becomes obvious what makes this very sound so special. Mesmerizing atmospheric waves mimic traits of Jazz and Neo-Classic in the calm spheres of „DOMO-137“. Whenever the tempo increases and the musical intensity rises, Nomera decorate their Progressive Post Rock with uncommon and thus refreshing features. Harsh breakdowns as they are typical in Post Hardcore clash with massive Death Metal-like riffs and therefore give the instrumental sound a brachial covibration. Thus, „DOMO-137“ is thrilling and meditative simultaneously, a legit cinematic release.
7/10 Mangoes

Oceansides – Barricade

Picture Credit: Oceansides

03:24 | Single | 09/12/2022
Digital | Independent
Pop Punk / Alternative Rock
Karlsruhe, Germany

It is not a secret any more that Pop Punk has created its own very colourful and vibrant universe besides its spiky older sibling Punk Rock. Within this boppy realm where pogo dancing and an antifascist attitude are as common as uttering one’s emotions, Oceansides were born. The four-piece from Baden’s capital Karlsruhe was founded in 2019, and has released their first five-track EP „Spindrift“ in 2020. Now, the quartet has announced their sophomore EP „Lost in Mind“ to be out in 2023. As a first pre-taste, Oceansides provides us the first single from the EP ‚Barricade‘.

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Emotions, mental health, or the pain and joy of interpersona relationships have been a central topic on the debut EP, but after the two crazy years that the Coronacene brought us, these topics have gained more attention. And thus, it is no wonder that Oceansides will focus on mental health and selfcare even more on their new EP. The first single ‚Barricade‘ is a perfect example as it is a take on those very barricades that block us from proceeding. Stuck in conversations with ourselves, we are looking for a way out, or for a hole in the wall that we can escape through. The Pop Punk sound that Oceansides present this inner monologue on, is heavy and gentl simultaneously. In the vein of late-90s Emotional Post Hardcore, atmospheric and silken soft sounds caress harsh breaks. The hype for „Lost in Mind“ has thus begun.
7/10 Mangoes

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