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Garlands – Turn the Sky

EP | 14/06/2024 | La Pochette Surprise Records
18:59 | 4 tracks | Vinyl/Digital
Shoegaze / Psychedelic Pop
Hamburg, Germany

Catharina Rüß and Sui Kemmer (Garlands) standing in front of an open door leading towards a basement
Photograph by Jonas Mannherz


Hamburg’s Catharina Rüß and Sui Kemmer, also known as Psychedelic Shoegaze duo Garlands are here to distribute some food for thought. Similar to ots predecessor Condor, the band’s second EP Turn the Sky deals with different perspectives on emotions and power, on desire and solitude, on oppositions and compromise. Garlands‚ idea is to Turn the Sky, to reorder and redefine the way we look at things, and thus gain better understanding of other perspectives.

The vinyl version’s B-Side contains the debut EP Condor which gives the listeners a chance to grasp the great development that Garlands have undergone between 2019 and now. Furthermore, Condor is a gem of Psychedelic Shoegaze sound, too.

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Galactic Mission

Turn the Sky connects the individual’s emotions and perceptions to the energy of the universe. Garlands‚ multi-perspective view reaches from the smallest to the biggest entity, and brings them together amidst a psychedelic reverie. Thoughts on love and life, on meaning and purpose are being uttered from different points of view.

Music-wise, Rüß and Kemmer present a great advancement of their mix of Krautrock, Shoegaze and Pop. Turn the Sky is coined by a coherent and catchy golden thread and a parabolic arc of suspense. Turn the Sky is smooth and simultaneously imposantly solid.
8/10 Mangoes

We will dance again

Mia Schem
#PrideMonth2024 #BringThemHome

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