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With their second EP Dance, Fight, Glitterize, the antifascist Techno Crust and Disco Punk Duo Unicorn Partisans continues their mission. The Unicorn Partisans are Tan-Ya (voice, also political activist and former member of Crust band Peace Enforcement) and Scheng-Fou (synthesizers, sequencers and drums, also drummer of Guts Pie Earshot). On their first EP Repression Depression, they addressed the current situation on planet with focus on mental health, oppression, war, injustice, violence. Their antifascist mission continues – on the dancefloors, in the streets, in our minds, and everywhere else. And thus, Dance, Fight, Glitterize contains five new tracks that encourage us to stand up against racism, antisemitism, sexism, homophobia, and other phenomena of fascism an oppression.

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So, you can call it Disco Punk or Techno Crust. It is in any case music that activates every last cell of your body. And despite their sonic darkness, the five tracks on Dance, Fight, Glitterize have a very empowering air. Unicorn Partisans sing in Russian, German and English, and they brutally bass down the lies of the populists. From Gaza to Moscow, and from Teheran to Minsk this earth-shaking sound shall be heard as the tyrants fall. The revolution is here: it is loud and it glitters.

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