There are several obvious hints that the CD on hand is a release from the Manikin Records. Even if you have not heard from Kontroll-Raum before, the idiosyncratic way of separating compound words by a hyphen is one of the signature features of the Berlin-based Electronica label. Furthermore, the artwork by Kilian Schloemp is embedded into the front cover in a way that is typical for Manikin releases. The gatefold’s inlay reveals that the protagonists of Kontroll-Raum are Bas Broekhuis, Frank Rothe and Manikin Records founder Mario Schönwälder.

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The Mysterious Gate

Streaming portals such as Deezer or TIDAL only feature this one release by Kontroll-Raum. Nevertheless, besides a live session from 2020, they have also released a full-length album called Check In in 2021. Gate 23 may or may not be the logical successor to Check In. In any case, the new release stands for a further exploration of the post industrial wonderland, and it stands for progress.

I am a conservative, I preserve progress

Arnold Schönberger

These words by the Austrian composer find their dedication in seven atmospheric and colourful sounscapes. Kontroll-Raum may have found a hidden portal between Westerwolde and Berlin that makes it easier for them to record their sessions. They might as well be about to discover something way more important. Gate 23 is a fantastic journey, away from dystopia, towards a shimmering dream land.

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We will dance again

Mia Schem
alt="Kontroll-Raum - Gate 23 (2023, Manikin Records) COVER"
Artwork: Kilian Schloemp

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