alt="Locus Amoenus - 't Gloem Heil (2023, unsigned) COVER"Artwork: Galgenvot

Locus Amoenus – t Gloem Heil

December 22, 2023Independent
EP | CD/Digital33:37 | 3 tracks
Funeral Doom / Blackened Doom MetalRhoon, Netherlands

Escaping from the Pains of Existence

If you’re feeling all christmassy and jolly for the year 2023 being about to be over soon, maybe the last Mango of the Week will not be the ideal fit for you – otherwise, it might as well fit perfectly. The EP t Gloem Heil by South Holland’s duo Locus Amoenus is also about things ending soon. Vocalist Ben de Graaff and instrumentalist Misaer set the myth of the Worgengel (Dutch: Angel of Death) to score. The three-track EP thus deals with being surrounded by darkness and misery. After struggling through this life for quite some time, the EP’s theme changes and leads towards the inevitable. This is about realising that in life, only death can win. And thus, t Gloem Heil is the sonic tale that deals with surrendering to the Worgengel.

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The Sound of Salvation

With the content given, it may be obvious that t Gloem Heil is no happy-go-lucky soundscape. Nevertheless, and despite the music being located predominantly among the realms of Doom and Black Metal, the sonic environment is not depressing at all. Instead, there is a triumphant and redemptive covibration in the Blackened Funeral Doom sound. And this makes a lot of sense since misery and pain are indeed a crucial feature of t Gloem Heil, but it is the surrender to the Worgengel which leads to redemption in the end. Therefore, the new EP by Locus Amoenus is indeed a great Black and Doom Metal release to say goodbye to the 2023 with.
7/10 Mangoes

Promo material by courtesy of Dead Mill Media

All instruments and backing vocals by Misaer
Vocals by Ben de Graaff
Recorded by Misaer, August 2023, Rhoon.
Mixed and Mastered by Carchost, October 2023, Leeuwarden.
Layout by Galgenvot

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We will dance again

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