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In 1982, German musician Eleonore Pongratz decided to leave the Hard Rock and Prog Rock band that she had been part of since 1978. Not only did she leave the band, she furthermore hung up her instruments and let music sit for quite a while. Years and decades have passed, until something woke up underneath the ashes. But it was no phoenix that arose, it was The Raven.

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Graceful Volitation

The re-birth of Eleonore Pongratz as a musician has taken place in 2021, when the online project Aliènor came to life. Aliènor’s first full-length release is called The Raven, and it features twelve international guest musicians on eight tracks written and performed by Aliènor. With the grace of a bird, Aliènor floats through Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock and Hard Rock without ever touching the soil. It is a re-birth of timeless sound, a heavy score of freedom, peace and self-determination.

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We will dance again

Mia Schem

Drums – Zamm Kenoby, Roy Perez
Bass – Marco Toba
Guitar – Siegfried Schüssler, Lukas Sparke, Roy Perez
Violin – Jay L.
Keyboards – Aliènor
Vocals – Natalia Nekare, Lukas Sparke, Andre Navacinsk, Siegfried Schüssler, Aliènor, Gabriela Noriega, Carolina Patron, Supreetha, Drsya

Music, Lyrics, Arrangement: Aliènor
Produced by Aliènor, co-produced and mixed by Roy Perez
Mastered by Moritz Mayer

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