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Luanne Hunt – Miles & Memories

Album | 15/01/2024 | Stark Creek Entertainment
25:37 | 7 tracks | Digital
Country / Folk
The Villages, FL, USA

Country is Alive

Yes, you read the title right. Luanne Hunt has recently released her 24th studio album. It seems as if the artist from The Villages, Florida is not even thinking about hanging up her guitar because after recording Christmas songs, Holiday songs, and multiple other longplayers, Miles & Memories is another special album. On the seven-track release, Luanne Hunt easily proves that genres such as Country, Americana, or Foll still have plenty of potential, and that they can still address a wide audience when presented in a modern way. Praising the musical roots without fearing progress and adaption, Luanne Hunt sings seven stunning tales.

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Mood Swings Revisited

One of the highlights of Miles & Memories, probably the most memorable song from the new album actually is not that new at all. Back in 1995, Luanne Hunt recorded a demo album called Mood Swings which was never officially released. The album featured a moving song about a gambler. Now, almost thirty years later, Luanne Hunt has given the old track The Vice a little makeover, and has made it the heartpiece of her 24th album.
7/10 Mangoes

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We will dance again

Mia Schem

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