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Curse All Kings – Feral Earth

Album | 08/03/2024 | Breath Sun Bone Blood/Cyclic Law
41:56 | 6 tracks | Vinyl/CD/Digital
Blackened Noise / Drone
Berlin, Germany

Sounds of Eternal Spirits

On their third longplayer, Berlin’s Curse All Kings present a soundscape that may appear apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic prima facie. But this is not the sound of the end of days, it is the sonic performance of what has always been and will ever last. Curse All Kings provide a 42-minute presentation of the savage and feral, of the ancient spirits who have been there before time, and who will be there after forever.

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Hymns of Elemental Force

Feral Earth begins with gloomy Drones and spooky Ambient Noise themes. About half way through the album, the psychedelic and occult ritual turns into a savage thunderstorm of Black Metal at its noisy climax Wounds of Land and Body. After this peak, the waves smoothen again, but something has changed. It sounds as if the feral spirits dare to return to the surface again, and thus until the triumphant finale of The Veil between the Forest and Glade, the themes increase in dedication, courage, and power despite their Drone and Ambient nature.

Curse All Kings present a demanding album of cinematic extent. Feral Earth is a thrilling tale that needs to be listened from beginning to end, and it is certainly not an album for every day.
7/10 Mangoes

Promo materials by courtesy of Anubi Press

Mastered by Fredric Arbour

Cover artwork by Annemieke Gieseke

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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