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Mac/Corlevich – Rain or Shine

Album | 10/05/2024 | XO La Factory
32:18 | 10 tracks | Vinyl/CD/Digital
Alternative Folk / Americana
Verona, Italy

Soulful Vagabonds

Cristiano Mecchi and Davide Corlevich are two musicians from Italy whose individual paths have crossed. Classical guitar player Corlevich and vocalist Mecchi who has been busy in the underground scene of Verona have joined forces, and formed Mac/Corlevich. As a duo, they present their first longplayer Rain or Shine, a 32-minutes journey from the golden age of Americana sound over progressive and innovative ideas towards infinite melancholy and wanderlust.

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Open Hearts and Open Roads

On the surface, Rain or Shine is a minimalist production. All instruments were recorded by Mecchi and Corlevich, and you will not find any trace of overproduction or overload on any of the ten tracks. Instead, Mac/Corlevich focus on the details, on the little ornamentions which make their songs unique. Artistic finger-picking on the guitar vitalises Blues and Folk themes, and lean but well-structured arrangements enforce catchy motifs. Finally, between vocals and guitar, a gorgeous and endless world is being created, and instantly filled with passion.

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Reflection and Determination

Rain or Shine is not a sad album. Mac/Corlevich take a deep look inside before they look forward again. Aware and conscious of their insights, they resolutely reject to stop moving or even turn around. Thus, Rain or Shine is a highly empowering and encouraging release. May come rain, may come dark nights, we shall not give up on going on.
8/10 Mangoes


Produced by Mac/Corlevich
Davide Corlevich – guitars, keyboards, bass, percussions
Cristiano Mecchi – vocals, drums, keyboards, percussions
Music by Mac/Corlevich, lyrics by Cristiano Mecchi
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Luca Tacconi at Sotto il mare studio, Verona, Italy
Photos and graphics – Stefano „Gazza“ Masotto
Promo materials by courtesy of Peyote Press

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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