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Sir-Vere – Lovescope

March 17, 2023Bongo Tronic
Album | Vinyl / Digital41:37 | 11 tracks
Electro Punk / Post Punk / IndustrialMilton Keynes, England

New City Sound

Milton Keynes is the biggest of the so-called New Cities that were planned and built by English government in the 1960s. And despite the place being known for avantgardist or progressive acts like TesseracT or Fellsilent, the city’s history screams for dystopian and industrial music. Thus, somewhere in the eye of the storm that combines the destructive and creative forces of Industrial Rock, Post Punk, Punk Rock and Electronica, four musicians found together. After some changes in their line-up, Sir-Vere have now reached a formation in which they recorded and released the album Lovescope, a dark, moving, and extravagant mélange of new and old sounds.

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Between Emotions and Circuits

The darker side of the sound on Lovescope is coined by the melancholic and dystopian music of the 1970s and 80s. Shrouded by a silken but pitch black and ice cold coat made from Post Punk, harsh Gothic and Industrial Rock themes tell of a world ruled by machines. Amidst this technical doom scenario, Sir-Vere let rebellious and revolutionary Punk Rock motifs shake the Earth. And that movement is powerful enough to inspire the survivours to dance. Thus, motivating and uplifting Electronica sounds invite the listeners to move their feet.

Lovescope is a one-of-a-kind album on which all the pieces fit. When Punk and Post Punk, Industrial and Electro come together by the power of Sir-Vere, something beautiful emerges. Sir-Vere present a soundtrack for the people who have not given up on life on Earth yet. Nevertheless, their music is full of warning signs and calls to action for a better future.
7/10 Mangoes

Picture by courtesy of Sir-Vere

Sir-Vere are
Ian McEwan – vocals
Stevie Vega – Keyboards & DJ
Gary Morland – Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Craig Hammond – Vocals & Noise

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