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Deltawelle – Repetition

April 02, 2023Independent
Single | Video03:50
Indie Funk / New WaveLeipzig, Germany

Far away from Time

Saxon band Deltawelle have found their very own technique to make time stand still or at least move very slowly. Different to scientists like Doc Brown or Bill & Ted, they do not scoot through epochs in vessels like fast cars or phone booths. Instead, Deltawelle from Leipzig create sounds that make the time stand still. By merging Funk, Indie, New Wave, Psychedelic Pop and more, they create a dream-like sonic space, a parallel sphere where time runs much slower than outside. In this special place, band and audience debate about the happenings outside or just take a little break from all the madness.

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Circling Towards Positivity

Deltawelle’s latest output is the video above, a live recording of their unreleased track Repetition at Berlin’s The Famous Gold Watch Studios. Introduced by a vibrant New Wave motif, the band jumps directly into a heavy and upbeat Funk theme. You may think of a musical marriage between Dream of a Man in a Top Hat and Kamala when Deltawelle stir up Disco, Rock and Funk until it becomes a liquid delicacy. Looking at the band name (Deltawelle is German for Delta Wave) and the song title Repetition, the further movement of the song might not cause huge surprises. Nevertheless, the wave-like movement across loops and colourful intersections spreads tons of joy. And after all, Deltawelle are here to help us relax, to break out of the same ol same-old, and embrace the beautiful things in life instead.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Deltawelle

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