alt="Ophelia Sullivan - Disposable Identity (2023, unsigned) COVER"Artwork by Viyan Land

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Ophelia Sullivan – Disposable Identity

October 30, 2023Independent
9 tracks
Avant Pop
Post Progressive

Writing a New Story

When an artist who has already been in active before starts something new, it often makes sense to have a look at their previous works. In the case of Leipzig-based producer, composer, multiinstrumentalist and vocalist Ophelia Sullivan that means listening to their experimental Electronica projects Aphexia or Ecstasphere, and to Prog Metal band Soulsplitter. And by doing that, one will definitely discover elements which have also made it to Ophelia Sullivan’s solo debut Disposable Identity. But we shall not forget that

The Whole is greater than the Sum of its Parts


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Infinite Freedom

Disposable Identity is not only the most unbound release that Ophelia Sullivan has published so far. The nine-track longplayer pushes the limits of freedom, independence and autonomy in sonic arts in general. Ophelia Sullivan breaks with conventions, stirs up contrasts, and reattaches antagonist sounds amidst a whole new dimension. You may use terms such as Trip Hop, Avant Pop, Progressive Metal or Post Rock when talking about single sequences of Disposable Identity. But every time you think you have found the pigeonhole to categorise Ophelia Sullivan in, they joyfully laugh at your efforts and immediately transfer to a whole new sphere.

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Identity and Progress

Disposable Identity is a true masterpiece, and it is the result of a long process. Some of the songs and their ideas have been in the working for almost ten years. Only in the second year of the Coronacene, Ophelia Sullivan began with the actual production of them. Now, two years later, this deeply personal and reflected opus can finally be heard. And every moment of this album proves that it was worth waiting for it. Every twist, every unexpected turn spreads joy and emotional warmth. Disposable Identity is an album for all senses, and it is a beautiful display if diversity, and the true meaning of the word progress.
10/10 Mangoes
listening recommendations: Fading, Blue, Rest Your Trigger On My Finger

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Composed, produced and mixed by Ophelia Sullivan
Mastered by Alexander Dietz at Chemical Burn Studios
Cover Art by Viyan Land
Vocals & Programming: Ophelia Sullivan
Guitars: Ophelia Sullivan, Vanessa Jung, Mo Harris Sommer
Piano: Daniel Gräupner
Drums: Fenix Gayed
Cello: Anne Gayed
Viola: Bettina Kegler, Alex Brutsch, Marcin Niziol, Natascha Stromer
Violin: Verena Heittmann, Ivan Dario Rendon Poveda, Ophelia Sullivan, Klaus Marquard, Christiane Hajek, Johannes Krampen, Kamilla Busch, Isabel Zimmer, Lisa Barry, Kimberly Crawford, Kathrin Bscheidl
Double Bass: Christian Gayed
Cello: Constantin Meier, Attila Hündöl, Bianca Breitfeld
Strings recording engineer: Jonas Piknias
Orchestral recording producer: Florian Sitzmann, Ophelia Sullivan
Orchestral recording engineer: Dennis Kopacz

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