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Pam Ross – In Your Smile

Single | 16/02/2024 | MTS Records
3:25 | Digital
Folk Rock / Country Rock
Fuquay Varina, NC, USA

Love is a Coast

At some point in a relationship, it comes to compromising. And that is mostly when the relationship is about to become really serious. Two (or more) individuals form a bond, and it is nearly impossible to do so withouth both of them abandoning some of their individual ideals. But change can often be the root for new happiness. Award-winning Folk and Country Rock musician Pam Ross has recently provided her audience with a beautiful message about this. In her Valentine-Day song In Your Smile, she tells about how much she misses being close to the water. But then she also spotted a picture of herself and her wife, and seeing that smile, Pam Ross knew that she has found her personal beach and place of recreation and happiness.

In Your Smile is not only a personal story about happiness found in love. It is also an important message for people who have doubts when engaging into a relationship. Following your hearts and feelings can answer more questions than you may assume. And last but not least, In Your Smile is another great presentation of Pam Ross‚ powerful and soulful combination of Folk and Country: this is Pam Rock!

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